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    Posted on May 28th, 2020

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    Posted on April 1st, 2014

    What a magnificent event our Donvale PS Community Fair turned out to be. With the glorious sun shining on us, the community came out in force to support the day. Exciting rides, delicious food, interesting stalls and sensational musical entertainment all came together to provide a fun filled day out for us all. And how lucky are we to have the two best music bands in the whole wide world just on our very door step? Who needs  ‘One Direction’ or the  ‘Rolling Stones’ when we have our very own ‘Expressions’ student band and ‘The Right Staff’ teacher / parent band? These bands, and others, provided us with a variety of musical entertainment throughout the day. Just wonderful.

    Of course, a day such as this just does not happen. Months of planning and preparations by the members of our dedicated Parents Association allowed for our Fair to achieve the success it did. The money raised  will all go towards providing better resources to our students. A very big thank you to all the parents in the PA who worked tirelessly to present the Fair to our community. Jo Wood, Kim Merton and Charmaine Neal in particular, most capably led the charge from the beginning. Very soon, so many others came on board to provide their time, skills and expertise. Thank you to all of these people, just too many to mention – we couldn’t have done this without you! A very big thank you to the staff of DPS who attended the day rolling their sleeves up and getting right into it. Our school is most fortunate to have a dedicated team of professionals that are always prepared to go above and beyond to help provide the best for our students. Thank you to all our community who came along on the day and helped out in every which way – setting up, cooking, selling, cleaning, baking, packing up….. the list goes on. It was just another example of how the community of Donvale Primary School just comes together to make things happen for our kids.


    Posted on December 19th, 2013


    On Tuesday evening of this week, Donvale Primary School celebrated Christmas and the end of the school year by holding a ‘Carols on the Lawn.’ What a wonderfully relaxing evening it was with a terrific number of students, parents, friends and teachers attending. Throughout the evening we were entertained by our amazing student carollers and enjoyed the finale where some of our teachers braved the stage and performed a joyous rendition of ‘Joy to the World.’ Later on, the local fire brigade brought Santa to join us in the fun. A great night was held by all. A big thank you to Peter Gray who helped us out with the staging, sound, lighting etc. He always makes it look just so fabulous! Also a thank you to Anthea Keep for preparing the students for their carolling and to Rick Gordon for leading the way.  Many thanks to the teachers who stayed on to not only be entertained but to also be a part of the entertainment! Merry Christmas everyone!

  • ‘Expressions 242′ Art Show a wonderful success!

    Posted on November 19th, 2013

    Donvale Primary School’s ‘Expressions 242’ Art Show has proven to be a wonderful event that will become a regular on our school calendar. The ‘sneak peek’ followed by the Saturday night auction, was a resounding success. The students thoroughly enjoyed escorting their family members and friends through our ‘gallery’ showing off their masterpieces. Family and friends were able to view the wonderful assortment of art experiences all our students have created throughout the year. It was simply wonderful! On the Saturday night, family and friends again joined us for a night of sheer enjoyment and fun. Mr Rick Gordon moonlighted as an auctioneer and very capably led the proceedings of the evening. Thank you Mr Gordon for doing such a wonderful job! Much excitement stirred as friends and family raced to outbid each other for the prized pieces of art developed by our students. Throughout the evening, bidding was also fierce with our silent auction pieces. Overall, the whole event was outstanding!

    The Art Show is a celebration of the wonderful Visual Arts teaching and learning program that is delivered by our Visual Arts teachers, Mrs Bernadette Towan. Our students are exposed to art in a most exciting and creative way. This can only happen when a teacher is dedicated and passionate about their craft.  Mrs Towan is indeed just that! Thank you Mrs Towan for all your hard work and vision not only in presenting the Art Show but also for your inspirational art lessons. We are very lucky to have you. A very big thank you to all the members of the Arts Committee who worked tirelessly in ensuring the Art show was the success that it deserved to be. Thank you also to the members of our community who embraced the concept of the Art Show. We look forward to our next Show where we can once again join together in celebrating our amazing students’ creativity and artistic talents.