Parents’ Association

Welcome to all parents

The Parent Association is a great place to meet new people and share in your child’s social education at school.

We plan and implement a variety of fundraising activities and special events throughout the year to help raise funds for and on behalf of our school.

All parents are encouraged and most welcome to attend our monthly meetings, where they are given the opportunity to meet other parents from the school, voice their opinions in school matters, and share new ideas for the future of the Parents’ Association and the school as a whole.

Your ideas and help are always welcomed

We  love to see ’fresh faces’ to join in the fun at any of our meetings!  And for those new Foundation parents, please don’t be scared off, as it is not like a kinder committee, no major year- long commitments are expected, it is a lot less formal, and a lot more fun.  Even if you just have a small amount of time to spare for one or two activities it is greatly appreciated.

P.A. newsletters are available each week at the back of Snippets .