iPad Program

All You Need to Know about iPads @ Donvale

The school has three elements to the iPad Program – Small group sets available to students in Foundation to Year Level Four, an optional BYOiD program in Year Levels Three and Four, and a 1-1 iPad program in Year Levels Five and Six.

Students in Foundation to Year Four use the group sets for Literacy and Numeracy activities as part of the normal daily program. Students in Years Three and Four have the option of bringing their own Apple device for use in all aspects of the school program. Those that do not have their own device can use one the school owned iPads. iPads support the curriculum in many different ways in Years 5 & 6, and become an integral part of the all learning.


Levels 5 & 6 1-1 Program FAQ

What will my student need?

We recommend that each student has access to an iPad. The minimum specification is the entry level iPad 2 with 16Gb of memory and Wifi. However, if you wish to get one with more memory, a Mini or a later version, that is up to you.

How much will it cost?

The recommended unit retails for around $400, or can be purchased second hand for around $300 on eBay.

Are students able to have an iPad with a SIM card and 4G access at school?

No, the SIM cards will have to be removed when they are at school. A 4G iPad is not the recommended version.

Do I have to buy a new one if we already own one?

No, it is not necessary to buy a new one.

Are the students able to take their iPad outside at recess or lunch times?

No, for security and safety, the devices will remain locked inside the building during breaks.

What about after school?

Students must take their iPad home each night in order to complete homework and recharge the battery. When travelling to and from school, students should store the iPad in its protective case in their school bag.

Will students be able to access the internet at school, and is it safe?

Yes, it takes about 30 seconds to connect an Apple device to the school’s wireless network for the first time, and they connect automatically after the initial configuration. They will automatically reconnect to your home wifi as soon as they are in range. The school’s internet connection is filtered for safety.

Is it necessary for the student to have wireless internet at home?

Students can use iPads without having access to the internet. However, wireless internet would be required at home if you would like the device to be attached to the internet.

What happens if a student does not have an iPad at school?

Students will still be able to perform many tasks on the class set of notebooks. They can also bring another Apple mobile device (Ipod Generation 3 or 4 with iOS 6, iPhone 4 or 3Gs with SIM card removed.)

What is the best way to purchase apps, and what apps will be required?

You can search the App Store for all kinds of apps. Students and parents will sign an agreement that they will not have inappropriate material or apps on their device. We will publish a list of recommended apps on the school’s website, most of which are free. We do not recommend that parents enter their credit card details in the App Store. A gift card is a safer way to manage any purchases that are required.

Whilst iPads are excellent multi-function integrated devices, they have some limitations compared with notebook computers. Is this a problem?

The main limitations for iPads is the inability to play Flash or Java based files. However, this limitation was a purposeful effort on the part of Apple to improve security and reduce the ability for malicious software to be loaded onto the devices. At the same time, many online sites and software solutions are now rewriting their programming using HTML5 which is fully compatible with iPads. Adobe has developed software to translate Flash based software into a format that iPads can read. Mathletics is now available as a free app.

How do you backup information that is stored on an iPad?

Students will be able to backup their iPads automatically with the iCloud facility. Alternatively, the iPad can be backed up to any PC or Mac computer that students have access to at home using iTunes.

What will happen when my child goes to secondary school?

Many secondary schools in the area are adopting a similar BYOiD model. Both East Doncaster and Mullauna SC expect Year 7 students to have an iPad which they will take to school. We have checked, and they do not have to purchase a new one through the secondary college. If the iPad is not required by your child after Year 6 at Donvale, it can be reimaged and sold second hand, or passed on to a younger sibling.


If you require any more information, please don’t hesitate to contact the school and speak with the Principal, Lena Clark, or the ICT Co-ordinator, Rick Gordon, or TPL participant, Peter Reiter.

Set Up

Please follow the links for a comprehensive introduction to the iPad:

Where to start with my new iPad http://www.apple.com/au/support/ipad/

A guide through using the iPad http://help.apple.com/ipad/5/interface/

iTunes Setup

A video on installing iTunes on your computer (you will need this to sync your iPad with a computer) http://support.apple.com/kb/VI67?viewlocale=en_US
Apple ID (you will need to create an Apple ID to install Apps)

iCloud Support (This is optional but is a great way to back up photos and documents)

A video on using iTunes and iCloud


Recommended Apps

  • General

    • Webdav Navigator (Free)
    • Dropbox (Free) Please create a Dropbox account using a pre existing email address and a password your child will remember
    • Show Me (Free)
    • Edmodo (Free)
    • Google Earth (Free)
    • Seesaw (Free)
  • Technology

    • Sphero Edu (Free)
    • Musemage ($3.99)
    • Plickers (Free)
    • Nearpod (Free)
    • iPad Tips and Tricks (Free)
  • Literacy

    • Pages (Free)
    • Keynote (Free)
    • iMovie (Free)
    • Book Creator ($7.99)
    • A+ Spelling Test (Free)
    • Dictionary.com (Free)
  • Numeracy

    • Numbers (Free)
    • Excel (Free)
    • Mathletics (Free)
    • Calculator (Free)
  • Performing Arts

    • Garage Band (Free)


  • Chinese Writer (Free)
  • KT Dictionary (Free)
  • Speak Chinese Fun Phrase Book ($2.99)