Donvale Junior Chef Club

Donvale Junior Chef Club is a much loved program at Donvale Primary.

During the sessions, the children learn how to create healthy, easy, quick and yummy food using fresh and cheap ingredients. They also learn how to create restaurant style food presentation and are taught basic food safety hygiene procedures. Some of the ingredients used in the program are from our very own school veggie garden.


The sessions run 3 – 4 times per term on Wednesdays during lunchtime. Each session consists of a small manageable group of about 10 students made up of a mix of Prep through to Grade 6 level. The size of the group allows every child to have a “hands on” experience. This program has proved to be very popular since it started in 2011 as more people are becoming aware of the importance of a healthy diet.


Our Junior Chef room is equipped with a large selection of safe kitchen appliances so every child under adult supervision has the opportunity to explore cooking methods and techniques.


The program runs on a voluntary basis with the aid of donations.  Every child that participates will be charged a $5.00 annual contribution fee to help with the cost of the ingredients.



Check out our 2012 Donvale Junior Chef Cookbook

cookbook 2012b


At the end of the year, all our junior chefs celebrate their achievement by having our annual DJC Christmas Party at which we serve them with an all you can eat buffet food menu with drinks.

Details of what we have been cooking each week can be found in the Snippets newsletter and the  recipes can be found on the front page of this site under ‘Junior Chef Club’ or under ’NEWS’ Junior Chef Club. 


For more information regarding this program please contact Mrs Lena Clark (Principal) or Laura Emizone.