Foundation (Prep) Transition Program for our 2024 Foundation students


The Foundation (Prep) Transition Program facilitates a smooth, happy and exciting start to school life for our new students.

During transition sessions students participate in a number of exciting familiarisation activities, including meeting their grade six buddy.

They will spend time getting to know the Foundation teachers, their classmates and become more confident in the school surroundings.

The dates for our Foundation (Prep) transition program for our 2024 Foundation students are:

To be advised.

Day/ time TBA  Parent Information Evening -  An information session for our 2024 Foundation Parents is presented by our 2023 Foundation teachers. This will take place in the ’Senior Building’ from 7.00 – 8.30pm.

‘Meet the Teacher’  –  During this time the students will have the opportunity to officially meet their classroom teacher  and their classmates in their classroom for the following year. They will spend the session engaged in a fun activity and familiarising themselves even more with school life. This gives teachers and students a wonderful opportunity to start really getting to know one another.

We look forward to meeting you at transition!

If you have any questions or require extra information please contact the school on 9842 3373.

Please see below for full information.

Please note: The students will need to bring a snack and a drink bottle for each transition session.

Please also see our Preparing for School (Step Into Prep) page which highlights the details of our fabulous Program.