The Languages (Mandarin)

Our students are a part of a global community where the need to gain skills of intercultural competence is paramount.


At Donvale Primary School we are crucially aware of the need to support our students in developing the skills to operate on a global level. Further, the awareness of  the positive impact that knowing more than one language has on children’s ability to develop their higher order learning capacities, has reinforced our resolve to move towards implementing an effective language program that will meet and support the educational needs of our students.


Children who learn more than one language alongside their mother language are often more receptive to general learning. We believe at Donvale Primary School, that Languages (formerly L.O.T.E. – Languages other than English) should be taught through an understanding and celebration of cultural diversity.



In learning another language, students:

  • aim to develop communication skills and knowledge and come to understand social, historical, familial relationships and other aspects of the specific language and culture of the speakers of the language they are studying
  • are provided with the tools, through comparison and reflection, to understand language, culture and humanity in a broad sense
  • contribute to the development of inter-culturally aware citizens, of increasing importance at a time of rapid and deep globalisation
  • develop in the sense of acceptance and tolerance of another culture


According to AusVELS, there are two core dimensions for languages:

  • Communicating in a language other than English
  • Intercultural knowledge and language awareness.

The two dimensions of the Languages domain are intimately linked. Communicating in a language other than English allows learners to reflect on language as a system and gain cultural insight. In turn, Intercultural knowledge and language awareness can provide cultural guidelines for effective communication.


This area of the curriculum covers:

  • Chinese Traditions
  • Visiting Productions
  • Language and Cultural Awareness Program