What a magnificent event our Donvale PS Community Fair turned out to be. With the glorious sun shining on us, the community came out in force to support the day. Exciting rides, delicious food, interesting stalls and sensational musical entertainment all came together to provide a fun filled day out for us all. And how lucky are we to have the two best music bands in the whole wide world just on our very door step? Who needs  ‘One Direction’ or the  ‘Rolling Stones’ when we have our very own ‘Expressions’ student band and ‘The Right Staff’ teacher / parent band? These bands, and others, provided us with a variety of musical entertainment throughout the day. Just wonderful.

    Of course, a day such as this just does not happen. Months of planning and preparations by the members of our dedicated Parents Association allowed for our Fair to achieve the success it did. The money raised  will all go towards providing better resources to our students. A very big thank you to all the parents in the PA who worked tirelessly to present the Fair to our community. Jo Wood, Kim Merton and Charmaine Neal in particular, most capably led the charge from the beginning. Very soon, so many others came on board to provide their time, skills and expertise. Thank you to all of these people, just too many to mention – we couldn’t have done this without you! A very big thank you to the staff of DPS who attended the day rolling their sleeves up and getting right into it. Our school is most fortunate to have a dedicated team of professionals that are always prepared to go above and beyond to help provide the best for our students. Thank you to all our community who came along on the day and helped out in every which way – setting up, cooking, selling, cleaning, baking, packing up….. the list goes on. It was just another example of how the community of Donvale Primary School just comes together to make things happen for our kids.

Posted on April 1st, 2014

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